Ford Field Men’s Health Day

Training sessions on 9/21 and 9/22 at 11:30am-12:30pm at OS Conference room
Event: 9/24/2016 8:30am – 3pm
Lisa Park (Class of 2018, ASDA Outreach Chair)
“Every year, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry participate in Men’s Health Event at Ford Field to perform Oral Cancer Screenings. Men’s Health 2016 on September 24rd was a huge success, screening a total of 423 patients. Out of 423 patients, 10 patients required a possible biopsy and 150 patients were identified with dental needs. Oral cancer is often overlooked yet incredibly life-threatening. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, one person on average dies from oral cancer every hour. Detecting oral cancer as early as possible is the key to prevent its malignant and deadly spread. Through Men’s Health event, we not only detect oral cancers and dental diseases, but also promote the importance of preventative dentistry and educate the public about oral health. Furthermore, our trained students provide information about harmful effects of tobacco and how to start on quitting. Many patients thanked us for giving OHIs and answering dental related questions. Our dental school is committed to serve the community to fulfill our duties as healthcare professionals. A total of 103 volunteers participated in the event: 80 dental students, 18 UDMSD faculty and staff, including alumni and community dentists and dental staff volunteers, and 1 pre-dental student. Special thanks to Dr. Zachary, Ms. Wright, and Ms. Loewen for coordinating and making this event possible with Detroit Mercy ASDA.”